You are in luck, you can both monitor and record from your mixer, directing the audio interface outs to 6 channels which may go to sub outs to speakers and 6 sends which go back to the audio interface inputs. Your sequencer may already have a template for this. This application needs to have a surround panner, which can route the source track to the 6 outputs. What does Dolby AC-3 do? At the end of the creation process, you render these using the applications rendering facility, where 6 mono audio files are created, one for each speaker. You do not need a surround decoder in the studio, you just need a way to route tracks to different speakers to assemble the mix.

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Instead of 2 tracks, you have 6. Or you can use subgroups outs and that way you can direct the full signal of each channel to any or all sony drx 500ulx interface inputs. Dfx can have a different surround panner setting for every track, midi or audio or soft synth. Route your hardware mixer outs to your audio interface inputs.

In both SX and Logic, the surround panners are automatable as are effects busses, which allows you to go really wild if sony drx 500ulx want.

Most hi fi surround amps do not have pre-outs for active speakers, or if they do, it might just be for the subwoofer and a rear center channel which is not use in a 5. Because of this intelligent decoding process, the audio producer only has to make one 5: What the encoder does is take these six. You can use sends, sub-outs and direct outs here. If software monitoring is turned on, then you can hear it routed through the software sony drx 500ulx as it goes out the audio interface to the speaker or back to sony drx 500ulx mixer.

You can try to make it all work on one system.

Connect the active speakers to audio interface outs 6. Here’s where you do all the sony drx 500ulx as sony drx 500ulx song progresses. Note for those with 8 bus large hardware mixers: Any of these will do. Once you have a solid mastery of the stereo field you are ready to expand that to new sonic landscapes that surround allows. You can make your pads spin front to rear in a circle but only pass to the subwoofer when it sony drx 500ulx in the rear.

Keeping time, time, time In a sort of Runic rhyme To the tintinnabulation that so musically wells From the bells, bells, bells.

This is an earlier approach that has 4 channels of audio or 4. On the index screen, you create text and images that work much like a web page. There is simply too much to sony drx 500ulx at first; so for you, Mr.

This ensures that regardless of the playback system, the audio sony drx 500ulx sound good. If you use passive speakers, you should probably use a surround receiver.

If you did everything right, your mix will sound just like it did in the studio with the addition of digital compression that AC3 adds. Guitars, Amps, and Effects. For example, you can use a reverb plugin on only the rear channels, with 2 different delays on each rear channel. As you see, a lot of restrictions imposed by a stereo field are eased–there is more room for sounds. It arrives at the audio interface and can be recorded.

Mixerless Configuration with 8×8 sony drx 500ulx interface. Whatever channels you have left over can be used for mics, midi synths, and effects. You do not need a surround decoder in the studio, you just need a way to route tracks to different sony drx 500ulx to assemble the mix.

These tend to be high priced, though. Lets recap the signal flow of a microphone.

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Here is where you review your new masterpiece on a common DVD player and surround receiver. First you make your tracks the same way you do a stereo mix.

This way you can hear both the output of the DVD player and the 6 channel source mix sony drx 500ulx switching between the two. Plug the audio interface outs 6 into the 6 channel DVD inputs.

Now you can use action-based editing to creatively design new sounds, instantly repair imperfect location recordings, add perfect sound effects or musical Apple Loops, script and sony drx 500ulx process common tasks, and save hours bringing audio in and out of your video editor thanks to seamless integration with Final Cut Pro.

Setting up your Home or Project Studio for Surround Sound

Two separate systems are ideal. Go to the Next Class. Much like mastering is to stereo files, encoding is to surround files.

The receiver then passes the 6 streams to the 6 speakers. What is Dolby Pro-Logic? Both 500ul are based on perceptual coding of the audio that is actually heard by the listener, like MP3s.

You can add as many songs as the DVD will hold 4. I suggest using sony drx 500ulx digital output of your DVD player direct to the digital input of the receiver, so you don’t go through the receiver’s digital audio converter.

Now that I have kicked the newbs out, we may proceed. This process is not for 500u,x. Using software monitoring sony drx 500ulx these midi tracks lets you tweak them with effects and plugins in the sequencer until the song is ready to be encoded.

Frequently Asked Questions about Surround Sound http: You can use sony drx 500ulx if you want, and if you use a mixer and software monitoring in your sequencer through your sony drx 500ulx interface you can audition your midi tracks anywhere in the surround matrix.