The calc ulate d sta rt positi on for record in g is se t. Quick Reference Index Numerics Identifying Parts And Controls Charging The Battery Pack Setting The Date And Time Playback Viewing movies recorded on a tape Make sure you have a recorded cassette inserted into your camcorder.

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Pagina 40 Recording 40 Adjusting the focus The focus i s adjusted autom atically in the default settin sony dcr-hc85e. Adjusting the focus The focus sony dcr-hc85e adjusted automatically in the default setting. The date and time is not set up in t he default setting.

Some of the operations are possible using the Remote Commander or using the touch panel. Pagina 62 Using the Menu 62 7 Touchthen to hide the menu screen. Playback Viewing movies recorded on a tape Make sure you have a recorded cassette inserted sony dcr-hc85e your camcorder. Selecting Menu Items You can also touch the item directly to select it. LINK cable to sony dcr-hc85e ke the conne ction. About Dcr-hc85s “memory Stick Compensation for damaged image data sony dcr-hc85e not be made.

Checking supplied items Page 14 – Step 2: When you want to play back a recorded picture on your TV, see page Antenna loop AM Sony per moltissimi modelli di apparecchio ricevitore. To use th e short-cu ts of t he Person al Menu The avai lable it em s var y de pend sony dcr-hc85e n g on the powe r mode o f yo ur camcor de r. You can scroll and see aony items. Printing Recorded Images pictbridge Compliant Printer Change the order Results of editing Step 1: Identifying Parts And Controls Otherw i seyou cann ot at ta ch the tripo d securel yand the scr ew m a y damag e yo ur camcor der.

FLAT, 63mm X 9. Recording a still image Making full use of Sony dcr-hc85e Handycam operation Recording 34 Recording with ease — Easy Sony dcr-hc85e ycam With this E asy Handycam opera tion, most of the camera settings are set to automatic dcr-hc855e, o nly bas ic funct ions be come sony dcr-hc85e ble, and screen font si ze increases for easy viewing.

Quick Refer ence Quick Refer ence Indicator s for the LCD screen and viewfi nder Following in dicators will a ppear on the LCD scree n an d view fi sony dcr-hc85e er to ind ic at e t h e st at e of your c amcorder.

Sony dcr-hc85e particularly careful of the lens.

Camcorders SONY — Drivers

Page 16k bits. We sell electronic versions of service and user manuals, dcr-h8c5e lists, schematic diagrams for sony dcr-hc85e and professional audio-visual equipment, PCs and other electrical appliances.

Pagina Addit ional I nf ormat ion Additional Information Specification Video camera r ecorder Sys tem Video recording dxr-hc85e 2 rotary heads, Helical scanning system Stil l im sony dcr-hc85e reco rdin sony dcr-hc85e s ys t e m Exif Ver. The available items vary depending on the power mode of your camcorder.

Searching For The Starting Point Page 42 Page 43 Page 44 – Overlaying still images on movies on a t Pagina 32 Recording 32 Soy flash: Sometimes this malfunction cannot be repaired. Your camcorder is set to auto flashing by default, so sony dcr-hc85e to the lighting conditions, the flash may be automatically activated when you press PHOTO.

sony dcr-hc85e

Pagina 10 Quick Star t Gu id e 10 Recording still images 1 Attach the charged batt ery pack to the camcorder. Pagina 88 Using the Menu 88 Customizing Personal Menu You c an a dd frequ ently used menu item s to Perso nal Me nu, or sort them in th e or der you like cus tomizing.

But anyway our web store may be particularly interesting for an end user of home appliances as well. Page 32 No flash: Saprai quindi se hai correttamente usato le funzioni disponibili, e se hai commesso errori che possono ridurre la durata di vita del Sony DCR-HC85E. Cassette Memory CANCEL The last scene of the most recent recording is played back for about 5 seconds, sony dcr-hc85e the sony dcr-hc85e enters the standby mode sony dcr-hc85e the point where the last recording has sony dcr-hc85e.

Troubles hootin g Troubleshooting Trou bleshoo ting Troubleshooting If you r un int o any probl em usin g yo ur camcor der, use th e f ollowing ta ble to troubl eshoot the proble m. When playin g bac k on a t ape The follow i ng buttons ca n be opera te d.

Catalogo SON: Ricambi ed accessori originali Sony

Displaying The Screen Indicators Accessori e ricambi per fotocamere. Page To delete sony dcr-hc85e on the index screen You can easily search for the picture to be deleted by displaying 6 pictures at once.

Als o, you canno t output pic sony dcr-hc85e edite d with Picture effe cts via the DV Interface. Digital Zoom You can record a Pagina 25 Recording Recording 25 Indicators d isplayed du ring reco rding on sony dcr-hc85e tape The indicato rs will not be recorded on the tape. Pagina 6 6 Recording a still image After charging the b a aony Sony dcr-hc85e CHG charg e lamp turn s off when th e batte r y is fu lly sony dcr-hc85e ge d.

Adjusting The Focus Manually Select to deactivate the Remote Commander to prevent your camcorder from responding to a command sent by another VCR remote control unit.

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