Thank u so much, that was so helpful……. How do I get the screen to insert unlock codes for a Huawei B router? Let me know if any charges? I dont know micromax support this feature or not! Any way I got it now. You can read more about him at About me page.

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Y9A5TA pls email me. I have used Airtel sim too in this modem. Hello, I want unlock web pocket model es-2, can you unlock? Thank you 4 great work please broadvand need your help on activating voice feature in my huawei modem egg.

I have worked with 3 networks Huawei Modems and 3 connect software. Kamlesh and his method of unlocking. If you put these details in your website, it will be useful for all.

Unlocking Huawei HSPA Modems for free

Please help me unlock. I have this router Locked by STC saudi arabia. Zeki TBB – Rooted and ready to rock.

I await your response thank you. Yr information will be highly appreciated.

Thnx in advance Regards Achut Immanni. Hi Ruchir, I huawei mobile broadband e1752 generated my codes. Plz pay through PayPal button of https: You may be able to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot as well, either via your Carrier’s service like VZW or Sprint, or if you have rooted your phone you could do it with a free app such as WiFi Tether. My device is locked to Broadbsnd Mobile, Nigeria and I wish to unlock it to work with other networks.

I was waiting for since of till now for it. March 18, at 1: July 29, huawei mobile broadband e1752 3: Process at your own risk https: February 20, at 7: Im not a robot to approve and answer at the same time you post dickhead!

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Ruchira thanks very much for the good work you doing. I have tried several laptops huawei mobile broadband e1752 just huawei mobile broadband e1752 get it detected but no huawri. Please help me i need the unlocking code i have a huawei devise model: Unlock code for your IMEI number is and flash code is Plz pay at https: Plz pay 10USD at paypal https: Airtel 4g Router model Huawei ebs Which custom firmware to flash?

If I need fully unlock the device and upgrade greely, should I change the firmware first, then unlock it with the code? My modem is Huawei E Just tel me does it display 3. Do you have a mobile partner which is compatible to android, especially on motorola xoom tablet upgraded on ics platform?

The usb port I was using earler to connect my datacard was not detecting the device where as other port on same laptop was able to do so. Hi Ruchira, Can you please tell me, how much credits do I need to enable just voice calling, nothing else, using DC Unlocker? You huawei mobile broadband e1752 place order at https: Nice time in blog, I am just looking for unlocking voice call in Huawei E