These characters will be selected from the following set: This example illustrates tone generation using null elements. The characters are of the same set given above. B The modem has connected to the line with Bell modulation and modulation reporting is enabled. If the named action accepts one or more subparameters, the modem sends an information text response to the DTE, prior to the OK result code, specifying the values supported by the modem for each such subparameter, and possibly additional information. The general format of extended syntax result codes is the same as result codes defined in TIA with regard to headers and trailers. The modem performs only a “logical” hangup returns to OK result code.

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The Response Formatting character is output after the Line Termination character if verbose result codes are used. If the modem detects a receive buffer overflow condition, it concludes that there was an FCS error in that frame. Parallel cable between two computers. The hdz is preceded by a left parenthesisand hda cx11254 soft modem followed by a right parenthesis.

Immediately following this number, either a “? This value has no effect on pulse dialing.

Refer to Modem Software Release notes for commands applicable to specific modem models. Leading 0’s may be deleted. Some countries prevent changing dialing modes after the first digit is dialed. Compound Range of Values When the action accepts more than one subparameter, or the parameter accepts more than one value, the set of supported values hda cx11254 soft modem presented as a list of the parenthetically-enclosed value range strings described above, separated by commas.

A value of 0 forces the modem to report the OK result code immediately after dialing. The Fax Class 1. The termination character may not appear in the body. If the modem detects a receive buffer overflow condition, it stops receiving from the remote until there is room in the receive buffer. Failure to make an MNP error-correction connection results in the modem hanging up. A range of commands allows the user to initiate a series of signals required to obtain PTT approval.

Hda cx11254 soft modem dial tone detection is enforced or selected, dial tone has not been detected. Any character entered during the connect sequence will abort the connection attempt.

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Hda cx11254 soft modem customers using or selling Conexant products for use in such applications do so at their own risk and agree to fully indemnify Conexant for any damages resulting from such improper use or sale. Do not use this mode movem answer incoming ring.

Specifying a value of 0 disables the function and allows operation only cs11254 rates automatically detectable by the modem. The ranges of acceptable values are given in the description of each S-parameter.

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If multiple values are to be reported with the result code, the form is: INF File contains exact application unique information and default values. The number in parenthesis in the sft column corresponds to the T. May be used to condition distinct limits for the receive direction as mode, from hda cx11254 soft modem transmit direction.

These settings are restored to the active configuration upon receiving an Z command or at power up. The modem disconnects from the line.

For X0, sovt for the following conditions: A compound value consists of any combination of numeric and string values as defined in the description of the action or parameter.

The action of the modem in response to modem-on-hold events is determined by the state of this command as well as modfm state of hda cx11254 soft modem negotiated handshake with a V. Therefore, the S10 value must be greater than the S9 value or else the modem disconnects before it hda cx11254 soft modem the carrier.

The modem then transmits HDLC flags for a minimum of 1 second. K56, 1,75, ,75, For default values. The DTE will not begin issuing a subsequent command line until at least one-tenth of a second has elapsed after receipt of the entire result code issued by hda cx11254 soft modem modem in response to modej preceding command line. If no more data is received before 5 seconds elapse, the modem drops carrier, goes on-hook, and generates the ERROR result code.

Each element can be: