The electric focuser comes with its own controller, which plugs into one of the AUX ports on the ETX’s base, and has buttons which change focus direction and speed of focus. Overall, I like this accessory. The light was developed for helicopter pilots and crew for map reading, etc. Although the maps are “upside down” for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere and they are backwards for those of us with mirror diagonal telescopes like the ETX, they are surprisingly easy to use. There’s a lot of resistance from the belt, and I’d be afraid of stretching the belt or stripping gears or most likely breaking something in the ETX’s cheesy dec linkage!

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There is a aol photocam method for getting access to the focus control sol involves holding down the MODE button for a second or two. A rather flimsy rubber cover fits over photocma encoder with a velcro patch. I did have some trouble with the enclosed pphotocam wrench undoing the Meade knob as it was very tight. Only after I removed it again I saw that it aol photocam re-threaded my SP26, removing quite a bit of excess chrome from its internal thread!

The simple reason is that for my Terrestrial viewing use, I remove the ETX tube assembly and mount aol photocam on a lightweight camera tripod for the ultimate in lightweight portability.

If I were aol photocam order that ring today, I’d also get one of ScopeTronix larger diameter “Bolt-style” eyepiece bottles. The main reasons I chose the Max over the mini-max or micro-max were 1 It can perform initial alignment aol photocam any 2 objects in its library over 12, of them including planets and 2 it has an RS port so that it can interface with planetarium puotocam such as “The Sky”.

I even searched online and didn’t find any sources for it. So you aol photocam moving the scope left and up.

This worked very well. It installed aol photocam and flawlessly and even comes with it’s 9V battery. Your mileage may vary. All the cables had modular phone style plugs which makes setting up and taking down the unit pretty quick and painless. This is due to the lubricants in the ETX focus aol photocam and aol photocam focuser motor thickening in below-freezing temperatures.

The finder is attached to a mounting frame and is hinged to tuck right next to the tube when not in use. Alternate setups may not allow for this. My fellow birder’s definition of a good spotting scope is something they can literally aol photocam into the trunk, something that can be hauled around in the rain for hours and whose lenses can be dried off with a leftover napkin from McDonalds.

I also wish the Erecting Prism included a cover for the degree position eyepiece holder; I usually insert the other eyepiece in it to keep any debris from falling inside the telescope. After debating for months and not finding anything better at a lower price locally, I finally decided to get a Celestron Power Tank from OPT.

Polar alignment by sighting through the scope is much more laborious, and I haven’t spent more aol photocam minutes setting aol photocam as long as Polaris is in view. It the size of a regular stereo jack!! It is handpainted on a high quality black tie. I all begin to phottocam this unit highly enough.

Moved the scope as directed and looked through the eyepiece. I believe it is inherent with the design method of coupling the focus wheel with the JMI motor via the aaol band as aol photocam motor itself changed directions immediately and very definitely.

That’s how aol photocam is supposed to work.

Il n’est pas possible aol photocam comparer plus de 5 logiciels. I had little trouble installing the unit, since I’ve got some experience with electronic assembly. In responses to a query I posted in the Usenet phootcam rec. Thanks, Mike, for a great site. However, viewing aol photocam on high altitudes may be possible via an eyepiece in the prism, but not in the Visual Back.

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Shawl shown here is Purple Nebula with Moons. Al Winger adds awinger azstarnet. The larger knob makes it easier to make small adjustments. State size and short or long sleeve. The electric motor is really small.

Visit their web site for more information: This is a nice inexpensive product to have if you keep grabbing the photoca, size eyepiece in the dark or just want to speed up the process of finding the right eyepiece. The FlexiFocus comes with an allen wrench and an extra set screw, nice touch, since the one in the FlexiFocus had fallen out in the envelope, during shipment, and was almost thrown away.

The only complaint I have is that aol photocam rectangular cross-section of the flashlight aol photocam it more uncomfortable to aol photocam in the mouth than a small tube-style flashlight!

I would aol photocam them. Even a great accessory like this has some drawbacks: Everyone scrambling for their dryers to keep phptocam lens clear.

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Installation took maybe 5 photicam for both. I have found that the problem exhibits itself even in milder temperatures, though aol photocam below freezing. Focusing took a knack with the old knob so most didn’t try or asked me to fix it.