The room response graph uses the longest room dimension to provide the response of the major, lowest, room resonant anti-node, peak, frequencies. As a concluding remark, the most important test in evaluating headphones is not power handling capability, it is the opposite-the minimum level, in SPL , that is detectable as a function of frequency. These are relatively secure-pulling the wires will pull the contact pad off the cartridge before the solder breaks. Figure V, which is available in larger size jpeg , or xfig , format, is the complete schematic of the amplifier for the Panasonic WM61A Electret Microphone. The measurement microphones were then moved approximately one inch from the ear cup of the HD , decreasing the sound level at the microphone cartridge by about dB, and amplitude of the second harmonic distortion was measured at about dB below the dB fundamental, i. To gain insight, three headsets will be evaluated:

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Figure XXXXVI, which is available in larger size jpegor xfigformat, shows altec lansing vs2421 cable connections for EMI reduction when connecting the output of the microphone amplifier to lxnsing console.

The simulations sv2421 reasonably well altec lansing vs2421 the empirical measurements on the microphone. Again, this modification would probably necessitate a bipolar power supply. Notice that the microphone case must be insulated from ground, and that both resistors are effectively driven by current sources, i.

This is a very versatile amplifier. Since altec lansing vs2421 are six walls, with sound altec lansing vs2421 being altec lansing vs2421 between opposite pairs of walls, the intuitive acoustic model for the room is:. The cartridge is then rotated degrees, and the other wire soldered on the same way. See Linkwitz Lab ‘s Reference Earphones for possible solutions.

A set of Sennheiser HD headphones was connected, through a resistor divider, to the Phones Out of the UB ; the resistor divider was designed such that the impedance presented to the headphones was identical to the Sennheiser HD headphone impedance, 32 Ohms, and the signal at the HD headphones was 0.

Note that speaker response down to 20 Hz. The difference in frequency response is apparent only below about 80 Hz. Note that there is an alternative to soldering the wires: The sound level pressure on the ear drum increases with decreasing ear canal diameter-in this case, altec lansing vs2421 10 dB above the manufacturer’s specification, and decreasing the volume level would be advisable.

Note the usage of Linear Technology LT operational amplifier, which has an application for the WM61A altec lansing vs2421 the data sheet, and the direct coupling of the microphone cartridge to the amplifier, for low frequency considerations.

Lansng 2N s were purchased, they are very inexpensive, and idss altec lansing vs2421 vpo measured, and 3. However, if speakers are mandatory, a near field Studio Monitor configuration is recommended-and works well on computer desks, the amplitude of the “ripples” due to the room’s standing wave s is proportional to the distance from the speakers altec lansing vs2421 the lansimg.

The graph shows the sound level to have dropped into the ambient noise level of the room-about 32 dB SPL at the nodes. Note that the above procedure actually uses a “kit” to produce the microphones, kept in a plastic bag, complete with the tooling. The electret cartridge should be covered with silicon sealant, I use GE’s Silicon II, Household Altec lansing vs2421 is available in the paint department of home improvement centers, taking special care that none of the sealant gets on the black cloth cover of the cartridge-the cartridge-to-case should be an air tight seal.

Altec lansing vs2421 should be selected such that the worst case minimum idss, uA, for the 2SK JFET, should pull the voltage across the load resistor down at least 1. The increased level in the near field around to Hz.


Many audio engineers prefer balancing the various levels in the output feed using headphones. For the near field graph, red, the speakers were 29 inches apart, angled in 30 altec lansing vs2421, and the Panasonic WM61A microphone was mounted 29 inches from each satellite speaker, at 43 inches from the floor. The data was taken with the excellent Baudlineand, a logarithmic modification-to align to the logarithmic relative response of the graph was used, above.

There are issues with many inexpensive earbuds-the length of the ear canal is shortened by inserting an intra-ear earbud, and, the exterior canal opening sealed, creating an unnatural frequency altec lansing vs2421 at the ear drum.

The amplifier circuit altec lansing vs2421 adaptable-the only modification for different supply voltage operation is determination of the JFET load resistor. Further, note that my ears do not follow the threshold of the Fletcher Munson equal-loudness contours at higher frequencies. Note altec lansing vs2421 this is an absolute worst-case-design, in JFETs, the idss and vpo tend to track each other-a low idss associated with a low vpo, and a high idss associated with a lansng vpo, so the parameters are much closer; but that is not indicated in the data sheet, and is not used in the worst-case-design scenario.

The resulting graph should be almost identical to the Fletcher Munson equal-loudness contours.

The test requires a very quiet room, and what one is doing is similar to an audiology test. The second order distortion was less than 0. A reasonable calibration for casual uses can be made by starting with a calibrated Linux system, for example, see Linux Sound System Lansinband using an earbud, Sony MDR-EX51LP altec lansing vs2421 shown, as the reference transducer to generate a known sound level-manufacturers specify the voltage necessary to produce a given SPLwhich seems to be within about 5 dB-good altec lansing vs2421 for some casual purposes.

Va2421 calibration Aumix setting for both was:. At the other end of the spectrum, the WM61A ‘s low frequency response extends below 2 Hz. The maximum signal before clipping, i.


If unity gain is adequate, the signal voltage would be about mV, the two 10 K resistors can be omitted, and the gate of the 2N tied directly altec lansing vs2421 the output of the operational amplifier. Lajsing a concluding remark, the most lanzing altec lansing vs2421 in evaluating headphones is not power handling capability, it is the opposite-the minimum level, in SPLthat altec lansing vs2421 detectable as a function of frequency.

This provides a Ohm source impedance to the headset. Cs2421 room response graph uses the longest room dimension to provide the response of the major, lowest, room resonant anti-node, peak, frequencies.

Usually, near field monitoring is done at dB SPLwhere the Fletcher Munson equal-loudness contours are approximately flat, i. For non-critical headphone response measurement, a simple altec lansing vs2421 ear canal will suffice for response measurement using the WM61A as a measurement microphone for the ear drum. The recess of the small tube is altered to set the resonant frequency of the ear canal to Hz. A gain trim can be added by reducing the value of v2421 27 K resistor, and lwnsing a potentiometer connected as a rheostat, with the wiper and cold end shorted together, and connected to the output of the TL For a 1 Ohm source impedance, the headset is simply shunted with a 1 Ohm resistor, and the signal amplitude increased to the same value used for the Ohm source impedance measurement at the peak of the frequency response curve.

The piece part should be mounted perpendicular to the bench altec lansing vs2421 sighting while drilling, with the drill bubble level, if the drill has one, in the center; both axis are then under visual control while drilling. Figure IX, which is available in larger size jpegor xfigformat, is oansing schematic for aletc amplifier for the linearized Panasonic WM61A Electret Microphone. An alternative electret cartridge interface is shown that is DC coupled to the operational amplifier, and eliminates a capacitor and two resistors.

Note that the bandwidth is limited at the input, directly from the WM61A cartridge, with poles at 5 Hz. Headsets are designed around ear parameters of a typical human ear, and tested on anthropomorphic manikins, as per The Artificial Ear Dilemma: Lansung Notes and Asides: Altec lansing vs2421 second harmonic distortion of the loopback chain electronics is about Altec lansing vs2421 next line, Green, is with the microphone attached to the amplifier and PC sound card.

Which agrees favorably with the graph in the data sheet for the 2SK, the maximum and minimum vpo are not listed. Siegfried Linkwitz removes track from the cartridge, alltec is an intricate procedure, and adds source degeneration to the JFET amplifier transistor in the cartridge.